Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gotham Girls at Grrrl Fest…….

Some of the super cool Gotham Girls will be at Grrrl Fest….Won't you be too???

Banner Painting……...

Today we painted the banner for the stage @ Grrrl.  Huge thanks to all that showed up and participated and a major THANK YOU to Gina Volpe for her generous time and donation!!! 
Check the pictures out!!!

Activities for Grrrl……...

Schedule for Activities @ Grrrl Fest 2014:

Rotating Activities:

12-2pm:                  Glitter Tattoos
2-4pm:                  Bracelet Making
4-6pm:                  Button Making

By appointment: Tarot Card Reading

All Day Activities 12-6pm:

“Hey Babe” & Phantasmcothing
Palomino Jewelry
Zine Workshop
Zine/Art Sale
Beacon Ink
Beacon Arts
T-Shirt Sale
Silent Auction- winners announced at 5:15 pm
The Center For Arts Education
Bennington College
Planned Parenthood
BUST Magazine
TOM TOM Magazine
Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Saturday, May 24, 2014

New BUST Magazine features Dolly Parton & Emma, Skye, Anais and Sylvie from:

We are so excited to share with you all that the latest issue of BUST just came out and what a perfect issue!!!
Dolly on the cover

& Emma, Skye, Anais and Sylvie featured inside for their amazing tumblr:
Congrats!!!!! we are super excited for you all!!!!!
Come see these gals do their thing at Grrrl Fest, as they lead an all day ZINE MAKING Workshop.
You Girls Rock!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Choo Choo Charlie AKA The Easy Rollers, get it together for Grrrl…...

"Choo Choo Charlie" AKA The Easy Rollers, will be moving onto the indoor stage instead of playing their set in the Garden.  They go on @ 2:45!!!!
Don't miss it
Here's their band:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Line up for Grrrl.....

12:00 Opening Song-Ebun, Chris, Savannah & others onstage welcoming crowd

12:00 Kasey- steel drum in the garden (20 Min)

12:05 BDC-Dance (5 Min)

12:10 “Screamin’ Mimi” and DJ Rob 

12:20 Lindsay & Meila-Singer Songwriter (10 Min)

12:35 Webb Crawford-Singer Songwriter (10 Min) 

12:45 Mika Steele-Spoken Word (5 Min)

12:55 Rachel Chevat-Singer Songwriter (10 Min) 

1:05 Savannah Galvin-Spoken Word (5 Min)

1:10 Micaela Gold- Dance (5 Min)

1:15 Mimi and Rob- Shout out on the Mic/Organizations/Guests(15 Min)

1:30 Khaya Cohen-Band (15 Min)

1:55 Lina Mcginn-Singer Songwriter (10 Min)

2:00 The Easy Rollers –(30 min set) in the garden

2:15 Bella & Rayssa-Singer Songwriter (10 Min) 

2:25 Paola Velarde-Spoken Word (5 Min)

2:30 BFDE-Dance (5 Min)

2:35 Dirty Girlz (10 Min)

2:45 Mud Bay- Yabadum minus 1 (15 min)

3:05 Bennington Band (10 min)

3:15 Cachabacha- Singer Songwriter (15 Min) 

3:30 Aminata Siby-Spoken Word (5 Min)

3:40 Shout out on the Mic-Guests/Organizations(10 Min)

3:50 Marina Zéro-Band (15 Min)

4:15 Daddy Issues-Band (10 Min)

4:25 Min Dance Party (5 Min)

4:30 Mimi and Rob-Closing remarks with Guests-Organizations-Set up tech for films (15 Min)

4:45 “Makers”-PBS- Film Screening/Music Videos-Tom Tom (30 Min)

5:15 Announce Silent Auction Winners from the stage (15 Min)

5:30 Shemp (15 Min)

5:45 Backup Sticks (15 Min)

6:00 Granted-Band (20 Min)

6:30 She Monster-Band (20 Min)

7:00 Petal War-Band (20 Min)

7:30 T. Rextasy-Band (20 Min)

8:30 Bad Behavior

9:00 Fleabite

9:30 Pottymouth

10:15 Shellshag

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grrrl Stick Around Awhile...

8:30 Bad Behavior
9:00 Fleabite 
9:30 Shellshag
10:15 Potty Mouth