Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Open Letter To "Grrrl Fest" Supporters………...

Dear “Grrrl Fest” Supporter,

Thank you for your interest in "Grrrl Fest" we invite you to participate in our upcoming festival.  "Grrrl Fest" is going to be an amazing event and we are super excited! The Festival is aimed to be a celebration of young women in the arts.  We have many things planned and have already landed, "The Silent Barn" in Brooklyn as a venue to support our idea. We have an amazing group of young women who have some important things to say and this event will give them a platform to be heard.  We already have a bunch of people involved, as well as BUST magazine & Tom Tom Magazine as some of our sponsors. In addition to this, we would love to have you involved in some way.

Here is what we had in mind as a contribution from you:
1)      Become a sponsor for our event.
2)      Make a donation.
3)      Offer a donation/gift to be sold or raffled.
4)      Art work to be donated/sold.
5)      Free merchandise/pamphlets to promote and inform the public about your organization.
6)      A “shout out” on the open-mic about anything you feel needs to be said or heard that empowers, educates and celebrates young women.
7)      More dancers, artists, musicians, volunteers, independent authors, poets, comedians, any kind of act that you see fit for our event.
8)      Anything at all, just share your ideas with us.

Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in and thanks so much in advance, for your involvement in any way possible.

All things wonderful!!!

The Grrrl Fest Group

 Here are The Details as of Now:

The Venue
The Silent Barn

The Date/Time:
June 14th, 12-6pm

Who is this event benefitting.........
*Young women in NYC
*The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
*A shelter (in NYC) for battered women TBA
*Art in public schools
*Your Organization, if you choose to participate.

Some organizations and people involved with the event..........
Willie Mae
Planned Parenthood
Tom Tom Magazine
The Keith Haring Foundation
Lower East Side Girls Club
And much more.........

In addition to all of this, we have…….
Several bands:
Petal war
And many more...........

Other fun stuff.....
Art For sale
Crafts for sale
Zines for sale
Short Films
A film in relationship to the PBS series, "Makers."
Step Dance Troupe
Performance Art/Spoken Word

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