Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey Grrrl Check out this cool project!

Hey Grrrl check out this COOL PROJECT!

The Fotofiz group is a photojournalism project to empower young Mozambican girls from the secondary school of Chibuto, a small town in the province of Gaza in Mozambique. The girls acquire photojournalism skills and express themselves through media by prioritizing international collaboration with American youth to achieve cultural understanding and behavior change. This project is helped by Olivia Drouhaut, a Peace Corps Volunteer who is assigned as a health volunteer with John Hopkins University in the PACTO program where health debates are made to the community and at the radio. She started this project because it a great opportunity for these young girls as future photojournalists to go explore and met their community and come back with stories to change thoughts and behaviors in regards to health prevention. These stories will spread the word from inside the school to the town of Chibuto, all the way to the United States. In the majority, many young girls are not supported  to complete their education and end up getting married right after high school. The rate of early pregnancy is also very high there and girls stop going to school. The Fotofiz group develop girls' leadership with the aim of giving young women positive role models and initiative that inspire them to pursue higher education, employment and economic independence. We give them a big shout out and support them! If you want to reach out to them, check out their facebook page: Fotofiz-fotojournalism-Chibuto

With the collaboration of the JAIA Youth Group located in NYC, the students build a positive and fulfilling relationship with their exchange group.. This cultural exchange will promote dialogue about important issues through group discussion and photographs and it will engage American students to reflect on how Mozambicans live and perceive life through images. This exchange is a two- way learning experience which can be a way to maintain a great liaison between the two countries. 

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