Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What People Are Saying About Grrrl……..

Grrrl Fest was an absolutely brilliant celebration of the strength of the bond between girls, and what we're all capable of when we come together. Never have I felt so inspired, empowered, and connected to so many grrrls. I'm so proud of everyone who dedicated their time, art, musical talent, and good vibes to this beautiful display of sisterhood and girl power!


The event was heartwarming, badass and hopeful for the future of music. I found myself headbanging more than once and overwhelmed with the sense of togetherness the event had. Can't wait for more. - Mindy Abovitz (Founder of Tom Tom Magazine)

Love and Drums, 

Mindy Seegal Abovitz
Publisher & Creator

Grrrl Fest was the event of the year and made all of the planning, organizing, emailing worth it!! Grrrl Fest needs to happen again and again.

I really enjoyed that Grrrl Fest brought together so many different types of people (both girls and boys) who believed in a common goal. The performances all had so much thought behind them and were very meaningful. 


Last weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of a first-time music and crafts festival celebrating young women in the arts, and everything about the day was perfect! The festival was held at an art space in Brooklyn called The Silent Barn and had outdoor space for vendors and nonprofit organizations raising awareness, such as Planned Parenthood and CHIPS. One lesson learned is my jewelry does not meet the budgetary constraints of a teenager, but, as our fearless leader, Bridget Malloy, astutely stated: They see you out there and doing it. And that is really what the whole day was about: girls - and some boys - being seen and heard as individuals with distinct points of views.So I set up my booth space and told my story through jewelry while other participants expressed themselves through music, dance, photography, fanzines, buttons, and books. The sun and the smiles shined brightly all day. I am looking forward to Grrrl Fest 1015.

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